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About the NHSRU

The NHSRU is a collaborative initiative between the University of Toronto, Lawrence S. Bloomberg, Faculty of Nursing and McMaster University, School of Nursing. With a specific focus on nursing services, we use research findings to help guide decisions in health care policy and management.

What we do and how we work

Scientific Directors Dr. Andrea Baumann at the McMaster site and Dr. Lianne Jeffs at the University of Toronto site lead 28 co-investigators and other affiliated researchers. The multidisciplinary team represents six academic sites: McMaster UniversityUniversity of TorontoLaurentian UniversityQueens UniversityUniversity of Western Ontario and University of Windsor. The NHSRU has been widely recognized, both nationally and internationally, for our comprehensive team approach to problem solving.

Meet the NHSRU team


  • We employ core teams at McMaster University and the University of Toronto
  • We have an extended team across six academic institutions
  • We work with local health integrated networks and health care institutions to conceptualize and conduct research projects, and exchange knowledge

Build capacity

  • We maintain a core group of nursing researchers with expertise in health human resources and health services
  • We support new researchers, as well as masters, doctoral, and post-doctoral students
  • We prepare the future research community to continue to inform health service decision-makers with current evidence-based information

Translate and exchange knowledge

  • We circulate communication to strengthen links between projects and across the program
  • We perform an environmental scan of stakeholders, including policy-makers to identify their needs for high quality, evidence-based research
  • We guide the research process via a steering committee of researchers and decision-makers, with each site submitting progress reports

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Dr. Andrea Baumann and Dr. Linda O’Brien-Pallas formed the NHSRU in 1990. Since then, the unit has been renamed three times to reflect our evolving research emphasis, and response to changing priorities in health services.